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Water Damage

Dealing with insurance companies can feel overwhelming. Learn more to help make filing a claim with your insurance company as easy as possible:

.Water Damage


Water damage can result from a pipe burst, a drain failure, a shower pan failure, a crack in a bathtub, a leak under your sink, a pressurized pipe break, a hose crack in your refrigerator water line, a crack in a plumbing fixture, and many other reasons. The majority of insurance policies cover damages to place your property and its pre-loss condition prior to the water damage. Insurance carriers are notorious for under-paying and denying water damage claims. Water damage claims may seem that they are not covered, or there may be exclusions in the policy for specifics related to water damages, or are limited by a dollar amount. Our office has over 40 years of experienced lawyers handling these type claims in a positive resolution for the policyholder.

Filing the claim quickly and properly for claims resulting from the “sudden and accidental” water loss is important.  Water damage claims can lead to water damage to cabinets, baseboards, flooring walls, etc. Repairs for these type of damages can be expensive, extensive and not always known at the onset of the loss. These amounts needed for repairs are not just for the water-damaged items. They include line items for proposed matching-related work, cabinetry and flooring which cause the policyholder to have to tear out and replace undamaged items.


Water finds the lowest point at which it can sit, and therefore, sometimes the damage caused by water is not seen immediately. The rippling of wood, laminate, or uplifting of tile flooring is most often related to water damage. common immediate response is to call a plumber to stop the water from continuing to damage your property – as you should.  Ask your plumber to document what he/she has found and what the repair performed or to be performed will be.  File a claim with your insurance company, take photographs of what you have found and keep all invoices and estimates from plumbers, or professionals hired to assist with this loss.  At the Law office of Linda M. Knoerr, P.A. we will assist you with your water damage claim and have the professionals needed to assist you with a positive result in an insurance claim.  For an evaluation of your claim, contact us – 877.77LINDA.

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