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Tornado Damage

Dealing with insurance companies can feel overwhelming. Learn more to help make filing a claim with your insurance company as easy as possible:

Tornado Damage


Tornado damage is devastating to the property as it is a cyclone damage and  causes severe damage in a short time without notice. Tornado damage can cause severe property damage to the property structurally, to other structures, to vehicles nearby, and persons. Tornado damage should be paid by the insurance companies after the notice of the claim or after the carrier has had the first inspection of the loss The damages should be seen immediately.

The carrier can and may deny the claim or underpay the claim stating that  they do not have proof that a tornado struck your area.   All the time  the policyholder knows of the loss which incurred to your property.  Our office  has the ability to determine the exact location of tornadoes and prove the loss to your carrier. All damages related to a tornado should be paid through your policy of insurance. Contact our office to assist you with filing claims and working towards a positive result to place your property pre-loss condition.


If at all possible take photographs of the damages prior to removing the damages. Most people’s instincts are to  want to immediately remove the fallen trees, or move debris from blocking areas – take quick photos, even with your phone.  Protect humans first always, then protect your property – your insurance policy is a protection for such events and should be covered under your policy.  Let us read your policy to determine your rights.    The insurance company has a attorneys reading your policies to see what is excluded or what can be excluded, hire an attorney at the law office of Linda M. Knoerr, P.A.  and stay protected. For a free evaluation of your claim call 877-77LINDA.

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